About Us:

Why Jeepaws?

While we love showing off our pets, Jeepaws is more than just a family of Copilots and Jeepers... We are a community that gives back. 

Jeepaws believes that every homeless animal deserves a second chance towards a safe and loving home. Our mission is to give back, to make sure those animals are provided food and comfort throughout their adoption process. #AdoptDontShop

Want to help Jeepaws give back? Join in on our food drives and trail runs, and help donate toys, food, and treats to our furbabies in need! 

Information about our upcoming food drives will be located under the "Events" column above. 

Can't make it to our events? Live far away? You can still help make a difference and donate to your local shelters. Every bit helps. 

Our Inspiration

Meet Klause Johnson! 


Nothing pairs better together than a Jeep and a copilot. Upon purchasing Ironclad (our 2015 JKU) we thought, what better way to expand our family than to adopt ourselves a copilot, and spread the adventure. Klause was adopted in May of 2017, at ASPCA. He is 5 years old and the greatest addition to our family. 

We wanted to expand our family even further by creating this group; we found other Jeepers out there who enjoy tagging along their copilots in adventures, as much as we do.